Different truck types of Chinese trucking

①. Box truck A box truck, is a type of iron sheet truck with iron doors and tightly wrapped as a whole. It is mainly used for fully sealed transportation of various items, but of course, this type of box truck is more expensive to transport. However, box truck have advantages such as flexibility, easy operation, high efficiency, large transportation volume, safety, and reliability. According to their appearance, box truck can be divided into single axle box truck, double axle box trucks, flat end box truck, and pointed end box truck. Single axle box truck generally have a load capacity of 2-5 tons and are currently the most widely used short distance transportation vehicles in the market. For example, many cargo pulling drivers use this type of vehicle, which is convenient for moving goods in the same city. A double axle box truck, also known as an eight wheeled vehicle, has a relatively large load capacity. However, there is not much difference in performance between flat and pointed box truck, mainly in terms of appearance and safety. Flat box truck are more commonly used in China and Europe, while pointed box truck are more commonly used in the United States. Because it comes with a fully enclosed carriage, it has its own advantages in rainproof and cargo fixation, making it more suitable for products with high requirements for cargo risk protection, such as cardboard packaging goods and high-tech products. At present, this type of truck accounts for almost half of the freight market. ②. Low-end Truck Low column trucks, also known as flatbed trucks, are divided into two types based on the shape of the board: pure flatbed trucks and high and low flatbed trucks. According to the height and width of the board, they can be divided into ordinary flatbed trucks, ultra-low flatbed trucks, and ultra wide flatbed trucks. Among them, ultra-low and ultra wide flatbed trucks belong to special vehicles. The characteristics of low column trucks: The three directional truck railings can be opened for convenient loading and unloading operations, so they are often used for some goods that use forklifts, cranes, and other operations; Cover the goods with rain cloth to prevent damage from rain and other factors; Usually, ropes or specialized tools (such as steel coil saddles) are used to secure goods. ③. Gaolan Truck High column truck are a type of vehicle that falls between low column truck and box truck. Although they have more enclosed compartments compared to low column truck, they still require rain cloth for protection. It can be divided into: semi enclosed high fence and fully enclosed high fence. This type of transport vehicle is suitable for the transportation of most products and is widely used. ④. Container truck Containers are made of aluminum, steel, plywood, fiberglass, or a mixture of these materials. Has a certain strength and stiffness, and good sealing performance. Generally used for cross-border freight transportation. By using containers to transport goods, they can be loaded directly at the shipper's warehouse and unloaded at the consignee's warehouse, without the need to remove and replace the goods from the container. During transportation, there is no need to move the goods inside the box, and they can be directly replaced. It can be quickly loaded and unloaded, and can be easily transferred from one transportation vehicle to another, which is convenient and fast, and has a very large throughput. Chinese trucking  

The diversity of transportation objects in Chinese trucking

  • Ordinary transport trucks
Including the above three types of vehicle models, it mainly transports daily ordinary products, such as electronics, food, beverages, clothing, machinery, and so on。 ②.Constant temperature or cold chain trucks Thermostatic vehicles are mostly used for food products with less strict temperature requirements, usually maintaining a temperature of around 5-10 degrees, such as dairy products (dairy transport vehicles), vegetables and fruits (fresh goods transport vehicles), etc. A refrigerated truck is a closed box type transport vehicle used for transporting frozen or fresh goods. It is a refrigeration device equipped with a refrigeration unit and a polyurethane insulated compartment for refrigerated transportation. Commonly used for transporting frozen food (refrigerated trucks), vaccine drugs (vaccine transport vehicles), etc. ③. Dangerous goods truck A dangerous goods transport truck is a specialized vehicle for transporting dangerous goods such as petrochemicals, explosives, firecrackers, etc., with an open top of the cargo box, a front exhaust pipe, and a fireproof device installed. Dangerous goods transport truck are equipped with ABS system devices to monitor the entire transportation process. Equipped with anti-collision strips, anti-static and other facilities to ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle. The road transportation of dangerous goods must have safe transportation and loading and unloading equipment. As well as professional operation and management personnel. And drivers with dangerous goods performance, to ensure the safety of dangerous goods transportation. And dangerous goods are divided into 9 categories, each with different qualifications. ④. Special truck Extra wide large transport truck and shock-absorbing truck. (Transport precision instruments such as satellites, missiles, high-end servers, etc.)  

The difference between length and tonnage in Chinese trucking

Due to different truck models and regulations from car manufacturers, only the mainstream logistics truck in the current market are introduced. A 2-ton truck is generally around 4 meters long, with a majority of 4.3 meters long; A 3-ton truck is approximately 5.5 meters long; A 5-ton truck is approximately 6.2 meters tall; An 8-ton truck is approximately 7.2-8.8 meters long; A 10 ton truck is approximately 9.6 meters long; A 12 ton or 15 ton truck is generally 9.6 to 12.5 tons; A 20 ton truck typically measures 12.5-14.5 meters; A 25 ton truck is generally a 12.5-15 meter 30 ton truck. Which is typically a 14-17 meter truck with five or six axles.0

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