The PC reflector is a reflector that uses a point light bulb as the light source and needs long-distance spotlighting. When the PC reflector is installed, the light pattern will be gathered. The most important function of lamps and lanterns is to distribute light, that is: to distribute light to the required position according to demand. There are many ways and tools for light distribution. On LED indoor recessed lighting, there are mainly lenses, PC reflectors, and transparent glass. Since the luminous characteristic of the LED chip is surface emission, the main function of the PC reflector is to control the quantity of light (the intensity of the light center, the size of the spot, etc.) and the quality of the light (the quality of the spot includes the edge and fading effect, etc.)  

The production process of PC reflector

  According to the material, reflectors can be divided into metal reflector cups; PC reflector cups; glass reflector cup

1. PC reflector:

one-time stripping, low cost, and poor temperature resistance, often used in lamps that require low-temperature lighting. It has 2 processes, all-in-one electroplating, and UV electroplating. All-in-one electroplating: silicone oil➩Aluminum plating➩silicone oil UV electroplating: UV➩Aluminum plating➩UV

2. Metal reflector:

it needs to be stamped and polished. The advantages are moderate cost and temperature resistance. It is often used in flashlights and portable lamps.

3. Glass reflector:

one-time stripping, high optical precision, no deformation memory, temperature resistance, the disadvantage is high cost, fragile and heavy. Often used in high-quality products that do not require movement. Such as movie projectors, searchlights, locomotive headlights, etc. PC reflector 2

What factors should be considered when choosing a pc reflector?

Reflectance is also known as the efficiency of the coating layer to reflect visible light. Vacuum meson plating>Vacuum aluminum plating>Anodizing

1. Vacuum meson plating:

applied to glass reflectors. Meson not only has the highest visible light reflectivity, but the infrared rays generated by the bulb can pass through the meson, which can dissipate heat and prolong the service life of the light.

2. Vacuum aluminum plating:

used in heat-resistant paints and metal reflective cups. With high reflectivity, it is the main coating process for automobiles and most lamps. The disadvantage is that the ultraviolet rays produced by the bulb will whiten the reflector and reduce the reflectivity; infrared rays cannot penetrate the aluminum layer and are reflected back to the bulb, which will continue to heat up the bulb and affect the service life of the bulb.

3. Anodizing:

applied to metal reflector cups. The effective reflectance is less than half of vacuum aluminum plating. The advantage is that it is not afraid of the damage of ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. It can even be washed with water. So when you choose the PC reflector, you should consider if the electroplating layer is firm, the Reflectivity, fire protection, oxidation, film thickness, and wear-resistant.0

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