Soldering is the most crucial process in PCBA processing. Today, let's look at the tipping problem of solder joints in soldering. Sharpening refers to the protrusion of the solder sharp corners on the solder joints of the copper foil circuit terminals of the circuit board, and there are obvious strong points. This situation is called solder joint sharpening.

What are the factors that cause solder joint sharpening?

  It is possible that during manual soldering, the soldering iron tip on the operator's hand may be removed prematurely when the solder is not entirely melted and fixed. The temperature is too low during welding. But most of the reasons are that the flame iron tip is moved too late, the welding time is too long, and the flux is vaporized. That is to say; the tip is related to temperature and operation.  

What are the effects of solder joints on the circuit board?

  In addition to the poor appearance of the solder joints of the circuit board, when the solder joints exceed the allowable length, the insulation distance between the solder joints is reduced, which is likely to cause bridging. Solution: Welding time should be kept to a minimum. Once the tipping phenomenon occurs, add flux and re-soldering. Pay attention to the angle at which the printed circuit board leaves the solder liquid surface during automatic soldering. Various problems in welding may affect the quality of PCBA processing, and electronic processing plants need to pay special attention. PCB ELECTRONICS LTD has specialized in PCBA processing for many years, has always ensured the quality of customers' products as its service goal, and has won customers' trust.  0

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