Have you found an RC battery? Well, let’s know about RC batteries

If you are an RC car hobbyist or professional specialist, you need batteries for your on-road or off-road monster. The vehicle needs the power to maneuver around and that’s why equipment comes with it, like a remote control. From beginning to end, a lot of innovations have taken place where RC batteries are concerned. In modern times, there are many types of rechargeable batteries, which are the preferences of many racing enthusiasts. No worries, here are the best RC battery solutions. In this article, we provide all the necessary details you need to know to equip yourself well for the next purchase.

Different Types of RC Battery

There are many RC battery models available on the market. Each RC battery model has its capacity, power rating, and other essential elements. The NICD Battery, NIMH battery, Lipo battery, LiHV Battery, and Life battery are some advanced models of RC batteries. Our focus is to guide you to choose the best batteries for your needs and for the best racing experience. A good battery gives you prolonged running time for the best enjoyment. Here, you gain some basic information that helps you to understand the various types already mentioned.
  • Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries RC battery is very great for travel companies or outdoor fun lovers. NIMH batteries are the most commonly used batteries in RC cars, trucks, etc. All of these come in various packs, with a voltage rating. For example, the 6-cell nickel-metal hydride battery is what comes out ready-to-run cars. That means, six here means that there are six individual batteries combined to come up with this battery pack. Similarly, if one battery is 1.2 volts, for example, the total package ends up with 7.2 volts. This calculation is the same for the 4-cell battery. When a nickel-metal hydrate battery remains at peak voltage, it shows the best performance. But you should avoid overcharging.
  • LiPo or Lithium Polymer Batteries There are various types of lithium-based batteries in the current marketplace but LiPo remains the most prevalent. Like nickel batteries, these battery packages contain cells. LiPo batteries contain a higher voltage than those of nickel and most standard LiPo batteries contain 3.7 volts per cell. If you want to achieve the same voltage as the 6-cell nickel battery pack, you will need two LiPo cell batteries and they will give you 0.2 more volts. LiPo battery packages are more portable due to their small sizes.

How to Maintain Batteries

If you want RC batteries to serve you in the long run, you have to maintain them properly. We got some essential tips to help you keep them in check.
  • Firstly, you should avoid overcharging batteries. Less charging shortens batteries' lifespan, similarly overcharging sometimes explodes causing a fire.
  • You should ensure battery manufacturer recommendations before upgrading or downgrading.
  • Try to use manufacturer-recommended chargers and avoid interchanging battery chargers.
  • Use the right battery for the correct device.
  • Try to store the batteries in a safety bag when charging or when you don’t use them.

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