You're all dressed up and ready to head out, but you feel disappointed when you see yourself in the mirror, as you cannot see yourself nicely. What you badly need is a back lit LED mirror; it'll assist you well in your make-up, plus is an energy-saving LED with CRI>90 flicking-free LED. The following article will give details about what is a back lit LED mirror and why these are good for you.  

What is a back lit LED mirror?

A back lit LED mirror is a mirror with LED lights fixed behind the mirror, defining its circumference and giving you an ultra-fine yet sufficient light with a serene glow. It's designed to keep it a few inches from the wall, emitting a surreal 3D floating effect. A back lit LED mirror in your bathroom will provide fantastic yet minimalistic lighting without additional fixture lights. However, if you want adequate lighting throughout the bathroom mirror space, you may need to install additional wall lamps or ceiling lights separately  

What are the key components of back lit LED mirrors?

Undoubtedly, back lit LED mirrors add a magical touch to your bathrooms. Have you ever wondered what their working mechanism is? Some of the components of back lit LED mirrors are:

The glass of the mirror

Glass is a back lit LED mirror's most basic yet crucial aspect. The intricate mirror comprises multiple layers of glass, i.e., surface, a thin coating of metal, a layer of multi resistances, and a back sheet to protect the interior of the mirror.

LED Stripe

These bulbs' LED stripes are placed at the back of the mirror; they are placed and designed in a way to cover the entirety of the mirror. Since the LED bulb's LED stripe is placed on the back, thus they are called back lit LED mirrors.

Power supply

We use UL-certified flat plugs for easy connection to the main power supply. It's more reasonable and safe to use.

Wall bracket frame

These have a wall bracket or component that will attach the mirror to the wall.


Last but not least is wirework, a mirror part that connects the lights to the power source and holds all of them together. Back lit LED mirror

Why back lit LED mirrors are good?

With their gorgeous designs and amazing technology, backlit LED mirrors are a must-have for every bathroom; here's why:

Clear and smooth light

Although traditional mirrors are stylish. They cannot create the right ambiance for your bathroom; far-off lighting would show unflattering shadows and misinterpret colors. Regular lighting fixtures can create shadows on your face. Thus making it hard to see yourself while shaving or doing makeup. However, a back lit LED mirror light provides smooth illumination and even light.

Warm light

Unlike traditional lights, back lit LED mirrors wouldn't throw pale yellow or blue light on objects; rather provides the next best thing to natural light, providing an honest image of color in an illuminating yet non-dominating way.


LED bulbs consume much less energy while providing equal light as other forms of light. They used fuel solely to create light rather than causing light plus heat, thus saving money and the environment.


Our backlit LED mirrors come with an ani-fogging, containing a heated element that, when switched on, prevents condensation after a hot shower. This means you don't have to worry about wiping your mirror, as you can see a clear reflection of yours even after a hot bath.

Stylish and chic

Many backlit LED mirrors are available in stylish designs to enhance your room and complement your style. Available in beautiful designs and shapes. Backlit LED mirrors add an exquisite look to your bathroom. Plus, now you can get your vanity van make-up room in the comfort of your home.0

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