The difference between sports socks and traditional socks

  If you have carefully observed the sports socks, you will find that the appearance of sports socks is very different from ordinary socks. It is divided into the following five points:  

sports socks


Thick feeling

  This design is called the Terry bottom design. As for why it is so thick? That's because this design is designed to cushion and protect your feet. Stepping on your feet is soft, slows down the shock during exercise, and protects your feet. That's why sports socks feel "thicker" than ordinary socks.  

Anti-slip design

  Anti-slip strip design for the sole part. The sole part will have a convex design, which looks a little scientific and technological. This is an anti-slip treatment. To prevent the foot from slipping in the shoe during exercise. If your socks slip in your shoes, it's uncomfortable to start running. For a long time, the soles of the feet will grind out calluses, which is not conducive to the health of the feet.  

Head of sock design

  Flat sewing head. If you don't know enough about sports socks, you may think that the sewing heads of all socks are flat. Will the merchant still sell our defective products? I want to explain the flat joint here: it refers to the special design of the joint. This "flat" is not that "flat". When you look inside the socks, there is no thread left. It is comfortable to wear but also reduces the sense of friction and weight stagnation. If you are a friend who often exercises, you can understand how the friction feeling of your toes is during exercise. Leveling the seam head reduces the friction feeling and effectively protects your toes.  

Breathable mesh

  Instep technology mesh design whether feet can keep dry during exercise is very important, and whether they can keep dry is closely related to the air permeability of socks. The air permeability of socks is related to the material of socks and functional design. The sports socks will be designed with technology mesh at the instep, with closely arranged ventilation holes, which can keep the feet breathing freely, discharge moisture outward, and ensure the dryness of the feet.  

Sock body design

  3D cushioning design this part is designed to protect the lower leg and slow down the shock caused by the movement of the lower leg and ankle. The appearance looks like a regular bulge, and it also looks like a sense of science and technology. This is the charm of sports socks, one design after another. When choosing sports socks, you can also stretch the socks to feel the elasticity. The elasticity of sports socks is great. Such excellent resilience can make you feel a good fit when wearing. In other words, it fits your feet very well. Of course, the fit of socks is not only determined by elasticity but also related to the size of socks, which will be shared in future articles. Sports socks will make your feet feel more comfortable during exercise. Don't underestimate the effect of sports socks on sports.0

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