Famous Chinese skier Gu Ailing's remarkable performance ignited many people's skiing dreams after the Winter Olympics, Many novices who just started will have questions. Do you have to buy ski socks for skiing? Can you just wear ordinary socks? For this problem, I just want to say that when you wear ski socks and compare them with ordinary socks, you will find that they are really different.  

Use ski socks instead of traditional socks

  As skiing is a sport that is carried out in a low-temperature environment for a long time, it is most prone to hypothermia and frostbite. When the body temperature drops to 35 degrees, hypothermia will appear in the human body, and skiers will have uncontrollable severe shivering, white lips, slow response, and other symptoms. If it is more serious, it will even lead to arrhythmia and slow breathing. Therefore, it is our primary guarantee to take good measures to keep warm the feet.   So can I choose thick cotton socks? Thick cotton socks do have a certain thermal effect. But not for skiing. Skiing is an intense sport. We are very prone to sweat in the process. At this time, the perspiration of socks has become our second consideration.   Although thick cotton socks keep warm, their perspiration is too poor. Too heavy will also affect the flexibility of the lower limbs. If sweating is not discharged in time, the evaporation process will also take away a lot of heat from the human body.  

ski socks

  Professional ski socks also improve blood circulation in the legs by pressurizing the lower legs. It can effectively relieve calf pain during skiing, provide support for the calf muscle group, reduce acid accumulation in sports, and prevent cramps, blood vessel bulges, calf muscle thickening, and other problems.0

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