LED Lenses and LED reflectors are secondary optical components, which are also the most common light distribution components in LED lighting. If there is no such core light control component. We cannot see that there are fluorescent lamps everywhere, and the light scatters are disordered. Darkoo has produced LED lenses and LED reflectors for more than 13 years. When the LED lighting does not install LED reflectors, then the light spot is diffused around. If they are installed, the light will be concentrated as we designed, and the beam angle will be adjusted by the lens and reflector at the same time. Led lenses and LED reflectors, can be used for different LED lighting, but they are different items, please check the picture, below,

led reflector What's the difference between them?

LED Reflector

1. LED reflector refers to use with a point light source, which needs to reflect light at a distance, usually made as a cup, which is commonly defined as a reflector. 2. Darkoo LED reflectors have many dimensions and beam angles, they can meet your different requirements for many LED lightings. Controlling the light directly from the source, however, a large part of the light is not in contact with the reflective surface which means it is not under control, the secondary light spot is quite obvious, the light spot is determined by the LED reflector surface, with same size and angle, due to the LED reflector light intercept angle is larger, the anti-glare will be much better.

LED Lenses

1. LED lenses are an optical component made of a transparent material (such as PC and PMMA). Are for beam angle controlling, and they have different beam angles and sizes, some for COB and SMD. 2. About the material of PMMA for LED lenses, its plasticity is good, with high transmittance (up to 93%), but one of its disadvantages is that the working temperature is relatively low compared with PC, only around 90℃. Darkoo has a streetlight lens. Highbay light lens, flood light lens, COB lens, wall washer light lens, linear light lens, and so on. Our LED lenses create perfect light utilization and a beautiful light spot effect. The efficiency of can be more than 90%, for streetlight lenses, there are many narrow and wide beam angles, and the COB lens is mainly applied to small angle lamps (beam Angles <60°), such as spotlight and downlight. 3. The effect of the light reflecting by LED lenses generally has no secondary light spots. The shape of the light spot is relatively more well-distributed, at the same time, the light output efficiency is relatively high compared with the LED reflector.

Suggestion of our LED lenses and LED reflector

Good or bad depends on how you choose your design. As long as it can achieve the desired optical effect, it is a good optical component, I think. Both LED lenses and reflectors can be achieved without any doubt. Darkoo mainly produces optical LED lenses. You can tell us your requirements, and then we can find the best solutions for your LED lighting.0

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